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Newcap Inc. - Intake and Compliance Specialist

Locations: Green Bay, Shawano
1201 Main Street
Oconto, WI 54154
Job Type: Full Time

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Job Title
Content Specialist (Intake and Compliance Specialist)
$41,600 annual (paid on an hourly basis)
Humanize support interactions to assist clients in achieving the best outcomes.
Collaboration is essential to achieve the best client outcomes.
Keeping an open heart and mind is vital to being advocates for the people we serve.
Embed diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout interaction with clients to carry out our mission.
Summary of the Role
The Content Specialist is responsible for the preparation, processing, and coordination of programmatic documentation, applications, and file maintenance for multiple services to enhance service delivery at Newcap. This position is responsible for ensuring accountability for documentation and processing of eligibility requirements according to the objectives and requirements of the organization and the assigned funding sources. Working directly with clients at point of presumptive eligibility and at periodic intervals during their time of services with Newcap to make sure they remain eligible, and all documentation is done according to requirements of funding sources. Content Specialist will coordinate with assigned coaches as well as giving documentation to Funder Experts and Outcome Directors.
This individual must demonstrate strong problem-solving skills, multi-task, effectively communicate with our internal and external customers, have the ability to professionally represent our agency, and have a sense of humor. Ability to make independent decisions based on understanding of funder/agency requirements and limitations.
Newcap, Inc.
Green Bay
Summary of the Organization
Newcap is a community action agency equipping low- and moderate-income residents with the tools and potential for achieving economic security and long term personal and professional success. We are seeking to add a Content Specialist to our team at Newcap.
Newcap, where we are embracing a Whole Family Approach. Meeting families not where they are – but where they dream. The Whole Family Approach is a family-led strategy that provides adults and children with the tools they need to set and meet goals together as a family. This model uses a holistic approach partnering with the family to address their needs and make progress on their goals; this partnership increases the likelihood of long-term success for everyone involved. By using the WFA, family members work together to support each other's goals and achieve long-term change and stability. Every family brings strengths, and every family knows best what it needs. We support and cheer them on.
We use the Family-Centered Coaching approach at Newcap which means we recognize the complexity of people's lives. We continually strive to understand the impacts of institutional discrimination, the implicit bias within organizations and systems, and how those factors influence our work to develop and deliver services. We value humility and ask questions before assuming we know what's right for someone else. Flexibility and the ability to respond to changing conditions with questions and curiosity are key to how we coach and build trusted relationships with clients and each other. We respect each individual and work with them on their own defined goals – not on what we think is best for them.
This coaching method uses techniques from goal setting, motivational interviewing, and strength-based training to help coaches work with households to address the needs of the whole family, when and how they need support. Using a flexible approach helps coaches establish trust and rapport through a parent’s progressive stages of change, FCC recognizes that families need different things at different times.
Instead of focusing solely on setting goals, it allows coaches to address unique situations and life crises as they come up.
A coaching culture builds on individuals' strengths, we focus on what is working well and build from there, together. We strive for collaborative, transparent, relationships with everyone in our community. We recognize that our own individual experiences may be very different from others and we approach each person with respect. Embracing a coaching culture in our organization enables us to be more effective, create a larger impact, and facilitate long-term positive outcomes for the families and communities we serve.
You will not be bored with us! This individual must demonstrate strong problem-solving skills, the ability to multi-task, effectively communicate with our participants, staff, board members, and community partners. Must have the ability to professionally represent our agency and have a sense of humor because while we take what we do seriously, we love to laugh at ourselves. Well, and each other.
Why Join Newcap?
Newcap, Inc. is a private non-profit Community Action Agency whose mission since 1965 is to move people from poverty to opportunities and economic security while enhancing community development. This means you not only make a living, but you get to do good too. If you have ever wanted to make a difference every day, this is the place for you.
Community Action changes people’s lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities, and makes America a better place to live. We care about the entire community, and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.
Baseline Core Competencies Required for Position
Problem Solving Skills- the ability to identify problems with team and leaders to brainstorm and analyze answers and implement the best solutions.
Attention to Detail- Accomplish/complete a task while demonstrating a thorough concern for all the areas involved, no matter how small. This means monitoring and checking work or information, while organizing time and resources efficiently.
Proactivity- When a problem arises, look for potential solutions right away instead of waiting for direction. Strive for the best possible outcome and put extra thought and effort into each task they complete.
Process Improvement- identifying, analyzing, and improving upon existing processes and procedures within Newcap for optimization and to meet new program requirements or standards of quality for services provided.
Communication (Upward/Downward/Sideways)-
Downward: Appropriate transmission of information from higher to lower levels of the organization.
Upward: communication that travel from staff member to leader (This is necessary not only to determine if staff members have understood information sent downward but also to meet the ego needs of staff).
Horizontal: Enhance Coordination across departments and locations.
Accountability- Take responsibility for performance and service outcomes and communicate honestly with team members and leaders.
Critical Thinking- Sorting among useful and arbitrary details to produce a big-picture perspective that leads to an impactful decision or solution to a problem.
Flexibility- Willingness and ability to adapt to change, particularly regarding how and when work gets done.
You bring the skills, experience, and awesome attitude – what do we give back?
In addition to being part of a $25 million (and growing) 10 county organization where over 97% of our 150+ staff say “we makes a substantive difference in our community,” We offer:
· Full time, stable, year-round work.
· Flexible workweek
· Over 4 weeks of paid time off in year one
· 16 paid holidays (18 in 2024)
· Medical insurance with very low or no premiums for you AND your family (they are our family too)
· Dental insurance that has no premium after the first year as long as two dental cleanings per year
· Retirement plan with match and 100% vesting from first contribution
· Vision insurance
· HSA contributions
· Wellness program
· Disability coverage
· Employee Assistance Program
· Ongoing training and education
· Employee and family events
· Family friendly, family minded organization … and the people who work here
Job Type
Work location:
Green Bay