PEAK Genetics Program Coordinator

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About the Company:

PEAK is the source of superior genetics to the URUS brands and the world. PEAK develops and produces elite bovine genetics and industry-leading reproductive products through genetic programs, production, and research and development. PEAK people are in multiple countries and locations and have an extensive level of expertise, including genetics, operations, research, and data management.

PEAK is a part of URUS Group LP. As a holding company with cooperative and private ownership, URUS is a family of businesses at the heart of the dairy and beef industry – Alta Genetics, GENEX, Jetstream Genetics, PEAK, SCCL and VAS.  Each of these organizations has its own unique identity, products, and services. These companies work globally to provide cutting-edge dairy and beef genetics, customized reproductive services to maximize conceptions, dairy management information to take producers to the frontline of progressive dairy farming, and an array of products and services to help bovines reach their full genetic potential. URUS Group has 25 operating companies in 14 countries, $400 million turnover, and employs approximately 2,000 people.

Primary Responsibilities:

·       Facilitate loading weekly data into Access database for the PEAK embryo program and partner herds

·       Generation, distribution, and modification of weekly reports and creation of new reports from Access

·       Arrange and facilitate shipping of embryos to recipient herds and for export

·       Arrange and facilitate movement of animals to other PEAK sites or partner facilities

·       Arrange and facilitate required health testing of animals

·       Facilitate update of information on the PEAK website and Facebook page

·       Process all invoices for expenses and revenue and forward to accounting

·       Review processes, improve automation and update SOPs as processes evolve

·       Assist PEAK Genetics team with various projects

Knowledge & Experience:

·       Must be proficient at using Microsoft Access and Excel

·       Must have a basic knowledge of DairyComp

·       Strong dairy cattle background is considered an asset

Skills & Competencies:

·       Must have good accuracy and attention to detail

·       Must be self-motivated to perform daily duties and be willing to improve processes.

·       Must have strong organizational and administrative skills

·       Must have strong communication and customer service skills

·       Must be willing to work in a team environment


·       Must have a Bachelor’s degree in Animal or Dairy Science or have a strong dairy cattle background

Company Culture Alignment

·       Trust – We choose to be vulnerable, speak up, and dare to be wrong

·       Transparency – We choose to be open and share

·       Empowerment – We choose to encourage people to own their decisions

·       Challenge – We choose to question and be questioned for better performance

·       Accountability – We choose to follow through and hold each other to that standard

·       Act – We choose to execute our plans when we’re confident they will work

·       Results – We choose results over comfort and popularity

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